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Speaking Events



 Relational Vulnerability

These are some of the benefits of therapy that with public speaking can extend beyond the therapy room. If you would like to give a voice to mental health in your audience, a professional therapist is the way to go. See below for some of the public speaking events we can offer. If what you are looking for is not on this page, reach out to me!

Pastoral Care Speaking Engagement Ashley Or

Company Events

A healthy work environment is essential to sustained success. It isn't uncommon for a successful business man/woman to have ailing relationships or mental health issues that eventually lead to a crash in their business. Pursue enduring success of your business by caring for your leaders well. 


Conferences are often the catalyst for change.  Marriages are renewed, women are encouraged, and best of all we have that sense of community that comes from belonging to a group of people directed at the same goal. Reach out if mental health is on the radar for your next conference. 

MOPS Groups

It is easy to get lost in the mundane, in the shame of those ugly parent failures or in the darkness of postpartum emotions. MOPS is a group that reminds mothers that they are not alone. We are in the beautiful trenches of motherhood and we are in it together.

Small Groups
and zoom events

Small groups meetings provide a sense of community and camaraderie you cannot gain elsewhere. These are often the biggest catalyst for long term change due to the accountability provided within the group. Whether your group is online or in person, we am available.   

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