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Who Are We?

Hesed Christian Counselor

"Hesed" is a Biblical term meaning 

"Loyal Love."

We chose this name for our practice because it denotes a love that is not based on what we produce, on our ability to not make mistakes, on how perfect our children are, how well we do conflict, or any other condition. It is a love that is unconditional and we believe that this kind of love is what changes a person. It is the kind of love we experience from God and we hope you can experience in the therapy room both from your therapist and your partner.

Hesed is what inspires us as a practice and what we aspire to.

House Christian Counselor

The family home is meant to be a resting place and a launching pad.

It denotes stability, a place where we can fully be ourselves and a launch pad wherefrom we go into the world and thrive. In Scripture, a "House" with a strong foundation can withstand any storm. In the Gottman method, a "Sound Relationship House" is a house that is skillful, stable and happy. 

It is our goal to provide a space in the therapy room where clients can fully be themselves, where they can learn to build a strong, skillful, and confident house in their relationships, and where they can launch from the therapy room and thrive. 

Meet The Team

  • Doctor of Ministry from China Foreign Language Seminary

  • Certified Addiction Counselor, Level 2

  • 20 years experience establishing addiction centers throughout China

  • Offering therapy in Mandarin, Chinese 

  • Specializing in addictions, marital/premarital and family conflict

  • 中国外国语学院教牧学博士

  • 认证成瘾咨询师,2 级

  • 20年在中国各地建立戒瘾中心的经验

  • 提供普通话、中文治疗

  • 专注于成瘾、婚姻/婚前和家庭冲突

  • Masters of Biblical Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary

  • Level 3 Gottman Trained

  • Certified Prepare and Enrich Instructor

  • Specializing in infidelity, couples work, cross cultural relationships, anxiety, codependency, postpartum, missionary/church worker care

  • Masters of Biblical Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary

  • Level 3 Gottman Trained

  • Specializing in infidelity, communication and conflict resolution, cross cultural relationships, anxiety, codependency, postpartum depression/anxiety, missionary/church worker care


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