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Ganyu Shi Chinese Christian Counselor

Ganyu Shi

Life Coach 

"Your greatest ministry will come out of your deepest pain"

“你最伟大的事工将来自你最深的痛苦” -Pastor Rick Warren



  •        中国外国语学院教牧学博士

  •         认证成瘾咨询师, 2 级

  •         20年在中国各地建立戒瘾中心的经验 提供普通话、

  •         中文治疗

My Approach

“重拾破碎的心” 一






工作方法是: 一对一或家庭亲子辅导、叙事方式、比对分析、认知领悟方式、敲击治疗疼痛和隔离治疗方法。  


接待范围是: 人生迷茫、情绪焦慮抑郁、戒瘾、成瘾分析、婚姻家庭冲突、亲子教育及挫折困惑分析处理。


"Restoring Broken Hearts"


Brokenness can come from relationships, and brokenness can come from inside the heart. Perhaps you are struggling with the pain of a broken heart and have no way to repair it. Your life is bleak with no future in sight. Through our partnership in therapy, we can bring change, restored confidence, a restored household, reintegration into society, and a joyful and fulfilling life!


When I was young, I also experienced a "broken heart." After my own therapy, I regained my faith. I finished my Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling, CCPC (7000 hours of practice), and became a senior lecturer in Marriage and Family Counseling. Twenty years ago, I counseled nearly 1,000 Chinese with various kinds of "brokenness."


My goal is to collaborate in working through confusion, emotional anxiety, depression, addictionmarriage and family conflict, and parenting.


I am experienced in individual therapy, family or parent-child counseling, narrative therapy, comparative analysis, cognitive therapy, tapping therapy, and isolation therapy.

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