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Ashley Or Christian Counselor
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Ashley Or

Founder, MABC, LPC

"The way couples begin a discussion about a problem—how you present an issue and how your partner responds to you—is absolutely critical.”

Dr. John Gottman


  • Masters in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary

  • Certified Prepare and Enrich Instructor

  • Completed Level 3 Training from The Gottman Institute

My Approach

Coming to therapy might seem uncomfortable at first. While it does take courage to create change, success is possible. I have gotten to hear so many stories of redemption: marriages that seemed beyond hope gaining incredible intimacy; people whose lives have been riddled

with anxiety finally start to take control. It is possible and I believe you can

do it. The road may not be easy but it is worth it. 

My approach is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral therapy and attachment

theory. I am level three Gottman trained and incorporate this heavily into  

couples work. My specialties include infidelity, couples work, interracial

couplescodependency, anxiety, pospartum depression/anxiety, and 

missionary/church worker care

To know more about me, I am an interracially married, youth pastor's wife,

and mother of three boys. I enjoy reading, writing, trying new recipes,

learning new cultures, drinking fancy coffee and deep conversation.

Whether you are struggling or just want to learn more about yourself, I

would love to get to know you!

Ashley Or Christian Counselor

What is the Gottman Method?

Dr. John Gottman began his research in the 70's. He spent hours observing what behaviors work in relationships and what doesn't. It wasn't long before the research supported his ability to predict divorce with a 93% success rate. Once he met and married his wife, Dr. Julie Gottman (a clinician), they established the Gottman Institute, a research based approach on marriage counseling.

When couples come into the therapy room, often they're confused. They know something isn't working but it's hard to put a finger on what that something is. I've found the Gottman Method provides structure and direction for clients. The comprehensive online assessment provides an overview of where strengths and growth areas are for each couple and the interventions are straightforward and clear. 


It isn't a lack of conflict that makes a healthy marriage but effective communication through conflict. It's my goal as a therapist to provide a space for each partner to feel safe, heard, and more attached to each other through healthy communication. 

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